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The van rocked with each thrust Misha gave into his body. Klus
purred as he pressed the back of his head against the seat he lay
spread out on. Gasping as an intense shock of pleasure ran through
him. His lover above him moans and coos as he rubs the blue's face
with one of his giant hands, never stopping the rhythm they shared in
the back of the heavy's van. His toes curl with each motion his lover
makes as the medic wraps his legs tighter around the larger man's
waist, loving the soft, warm kissing the giant gave him and the
attention his hands gave to his body. His own hands had been pinned
above him on the seat, as he whimpered with need to touch his red
lover that made slow love to him. Creaks from the van echoed
throughout the area they were in. The warm forest in which they took
their vacation that their bosses allowed every so often. Finally, the
pleasure was ending as the giant gave one final thrust and went
still, filling the German with his seed. Klus came as well with a
strained cry and an arch, covering their fronts.Panting, they lay
there, enjoying the afterglow of their deed. Smiling at his lover who
had taken care to hold his weight on his arms to keep himself from
crushing the blue, Klus bent upward and gave a gentle kiss to Misha's
lips who responded sleepily and with a smile.

"You are very energetic today." Klus sang softly,
listening to his lover's heart beat within his chest. A rumble from
the heavy was followed by a coy laugh. "Of course. Have not seen
you all month." Had it really been that long since they had been
together? It must have. But the blue could not think right at the
moment with his brain all melted from his earlier pleasure. Misha had
come to him while on the battlefield as the medic had been left
behind by the Soldier, whom he had been following. With a quick and
passionate kiss, the red heavy had invited the blue to go camping
with him. They had gone pretty far from the bases and into a secluded
campsite for those who didn't want to be bothered. Ever since they
arrived, however, Misha had become rather eager for the medic's
attention and had made love to the blue or the third time that day.
It was wonderful, of course, but now Klus feared that he wouldn't be
able to walk again.

"Been worried about you since the explosion at the blue
base." The heavy admitted tentatively with a rub to the back of
his neck. "Had you not been with me." Placing his metal
hand on Misha's lips, he shushed him. The red heavy wasn't the only
one who had been worried. The whole blue team had been in an uproar
and even more determined to find out who the culprit was. Dell had
checked all the cameras but could not see anyone, leaving the whole
incident to suspect a spy had been behind it. But a bomb would not
have been a spy's work, especially not a botched one as Vasha had
claimed. More or less, Spies tended to stab rather than explode. Dell
had been the last one down in the boiler room which left him open on
suspicion despite what he claims, and has had everybody watching him
for any foul movements. The whole thing had been puzzling and with no
DNA to use, they could not find out.

The Administrator was not happy when she found out what happened
to the medical ward but sent people over to fix the place up. Which
is what prompted a cease fire and a whole three week vacation plus
time off for repairs to the building. With that explosion, the teams
were being moved to another area on the mountain so the workers can
finish up without risk of being in the middle of a ploy war.

"You are being silly." Klus chided good humorously,
patting the arm beside him. Misha smiled and nodded, the moon light
shining from outside. Looking down at his smaller lover, he wiggled
his brow and with a coy grin, took the German in his arms. "Lets
go outside." He cheered happily and took the medic in his arms
and carried him out the van. Klus sputtered as he covered his
privates with his hands. "Are you crazy?! What about our
clothes?!" his cry did not deter his gigantic lover as he was
laid down on his back so Misha could build a fire and so he wouldn't
be even more sore in his hind end than he already was. The campfire
was slowly blinking to life as the Russian chuckled and sat beside
his smaller lover.

"Is no one around to see." Misha assured and rubbed
Klus' thigh, thumb caressing the side of his leg. Brows raising to
hide in his long hair, he gave the giant a long stare, not once
removing his hands where he had them. With a small laugh, he takes
Klus' hands and pry them away, leaving his privates out in the open.
The medic shivered from the cold that the fire barely kept away as it
grew and roared to life. "No one will see us, Дорогая
моя." Klus was hesitant and insecure as he
fought to keep from covering himself once again. Misha was right. No
one would see them since there was no one else there. But sitting
there in the dirt, bare as the day he was born unnerved him, lessons
from his time growing up in Stuttgart, of how his mother would scold
him for the smallest thing. Yet here he sat. Not at home with his
mother back in Germany. He sat on American soil, far away from the
Vietnam war, with Misha in a campground far from people. His lover
took his jaw in his hand and traced the edges of his jaw bone with a
gentle finger, a sad expression on his face while a smile grew on his
lips. Almost as if he understood Klus' dilemma.

Pressing his mouth to the medic's forehead, his lips landed on
soft black locks of hair. "Ты чудесная."
Was the tender purr he heard escape the giant, so silent that Klus
could barely heard it as the heavy's other arm wrapped around his
body. "Не могу жить
без тебя." then the
Russian's lips trailed down the blue's face and landed on his mouth,
kissing him passionately for the tenth time that night. Returning the
kiss just as eagerly, he wrapped his arms around Misha's neck and
held tightly.

They made love there on the dirt and in front of the fire. Klus
was unable to walk the next morning. He didn't regret anything.


"How long has it been?" The words escaped Klus as he
cuddled close to the larger form beside him in the tent, his pajamas
caressing his skin as he shifted. The confused grunt came from the
tired Russian as his eyes remained shut in much needed sleep. "How
long has it been since we've been together? Two months." Another
grunt came from the heavy, this time, in confirmation as he replied
"Almost. A month and seventeen days." Satisfied with this,
the medic shoved his nose into his lover's bulk, inhaling the sent
happily as he fell into his own sleep. Muttering a soft "Ich
leibe dich."


Ты чудесная:
You are wonderful (Russian)

Не могу жить
без тебя: I can't live
without you (Russian)

It Started With Some Fries (chapter 16)
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ok, PDF is no longer working with me so here's this. I hope you will all still read it.

(Blue Medic/Red Heavy) It all started at a bar. When he offered me a fry, I found myself opening up to him. Never before had I felt so comfortable with another human being since my bitch of a wife left with the kids. Not even my own team can get close to me. Yet, the enemy Heavy had somehow found his way through my shields. What does this mean?)

There will be more!

AN: The inevitable has happened, I got stuck on where to go to the story. I'll try to get it all sorted. Even though I got stuck, I thought a short and sweet love scenes were better than nothing. Enjoy!

Egypt by Rougazen
I'm taking a break from writing and other projects. I'll get back to them eventually but I'm enjoying a short time off. This is a picture I had made a while back and meant to post it here. I have it on my Steam and Tumblr (I think on the last one. Not sure if it's on Tumblr) anyway, enjoy this picture.
Klus and Misha: Love Under the Moon by Rougazen
Klus and Misha: Love Under the Moon
Sorry I have to keep editing this! Deviantart was being a pain! As I was saying, With the help of :iconrya-sfm:, I managed to get the proper models so I can make this. This picture is a bit of a spoilers for the next chapter of the story starring Klus. I don't know how lights work! Ugh. Anyway, This is to tide you over until I get around to the next chapter.
I want to make a few pictures for my stories, using SFM, problem is that I need Nude models for my TF2 characters and I'm not sure how to get a hold of them. please help.
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Klus hadn't intended for the Scout to find out about his arm.
He honestly had only planned for Dell to see his red counterpart's
handiwork. The mechanical limb fascinated the American as he
inspected it while having the medic turn it for him when the boy had
barged in the medical ward for some pain medication for his minor
headache. the medic could remember clear as day, the horrified look
on the youngest member of the team's face. Eventually, he had gotten
over his internal shock to join the Engineer in examining it, poking
the cold as he did so.

"So how does it work?" The boy questioned from his
spot on the desk as he jabbed Klus's shoulder with his index finger.
Flinching at the sudden sharp pain the action made on that side of
his body. "I mean, it is fake, right?" Klus glared at the
boy but said nothing; choosing to ignore Scout to the best of his
ability. Dell snorted in good humor. "Yeah, it's fake." The
Texan confirmed, twisting the limb gently. "I suspect it's
connected to the nerves in his arms that send signals to his arm."

The boy blinked. "So his bones move at will?"

"Not necessarily." Piped in Klus, frowning in
disinterest. "The bone itself does not move. There are things in
your body where your joints are located, called ligaments." As
he spoke, he twisted the limb in an odd angle. "They stretch and
relax when you move your arm, tensing as you bend your body. The
nerves send signals through the body and to the brain. They are also
how you feel pain. Like incisions and such." as soon as he said
that, Scout poked his shoulder where skin met metal. With a wince, he
sneered at the boy. "Very much like the kind I will give you if
you do not stop poking me." The threat rang clears as the youth
raised his hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay! Geeze man. No need to go all psycho on me."

Dell laughed, looking at the scout. "Trust me boy."
He began. "If you saw him mad, 'psycho' wouldn't cover it."

"You probably should be getting over there." Misha
suggested as he tossed Klus the man's coat he had found earlier. the
blue nodded as he finished belting up his pants in time to catch the
coat. Throwing it on, he hobbled to his boots, feeling the sting in
his ass from their earlier fun. Fun that felt ruined now by the
explosion. It was all unnerving to know that if Mask hadn't of ran
out of the base, making the medic follow her, he would have been in
that mess and with it being cease fire, respawn was shut down for the
day, meaning he would have died, permanently. He made quick work with
putting on his boots, ignoring the pain as he bent down. Standing up
slowly, he noticed that his lover had stood in front of him. Grabbing
hold of the blue medic, Misha proceeded to give a gentle loving kiss
to the smaller man's brow.

"Am sorry this was ruined." The giant apologized,
looking to the ground ashamed. "Had hoped to make this best day
for you." Humming, Klus smiled and placed a kiss to the heavy's
strong jaw. "You did just that, liebe." The medic cooed.
"It was not your fault that this happened." This did little
to sooth his lover but Misha made no show of exposing how he felt.
Instead, the larger man just threw on his own coat that was sitting
neatly on the floor where he had dropped it. "Come," He
began, looking at the blue with tender eyes. "There is back way.
You're team needs you."


The trip there sapped his energy as he hobbled as quickly as he
could to his team, who had started to head back in search of their
medic. Della and Vasha looking more worried than anyone else while
Trent ran through the rubble of the once medical ward, calling out
for Klus as he lifted up chunks of concrete. His chest began to seize
up from the cold as his breaths came out as soft puffs. It wasn't
until he was at the edge of the blue territory did they spot him yet
only three ran to him. Trent, Vasha, and Dell. Of course Scout ran to
him as well but the boy was only truly following the female heavy who
had scooped the medic in her arms and lifting him high off the
grounds and grumbled words to him, along the lines of "How can I
learn medicine if you die?!" in which Klus took as a sign that
she had been panicking. Shortly after he was set down did two arms
wrap around his waist from behind and lift him up in another hug,
this time from the demoman.

He couldn't, for the life of him, make out anything the Scotsman
said as Trent blabbered in his drunken language in which only he
could decipher. Dell was the last to come up to him, choosing to
scold him yet praising him for getting out before the place "blew
to sky high" as the blonde put it. The rest had gone off,
relieved that their healer was alive, scanning the rubble. Despite
the pain, the medic found himself stepping through the rubble that he
once called home, resting his hand on a partially standing up wall
when he lost his balance, only to pull away to find a powdery
substance on his hand. He could only stare at it in confusion as
Vasha stepped up to him and grabbed his wrist in her large hand.

"What is it?" He asked, looking up at the heavy as she
rubbed some of the powder in her fingers that she had taken from his
hand. "Sulfate and gunpowder." She supplied. "Necessary
things for a bomb." She looked at what was left of the wall that
the powder had come from. "Where was this wall located?"

He blinked, confused by her question. "My bedroom." He
answered. "Why?"

The hard look the woman had adopted on her face was as cold as
stone as she stared down at the healer. "Was anyone else in
here?" Vasha asked, not looking away from the man before her,
fingers frozen where they stopped. By this time, Trent, Scout, and
Dell had caught wind of this conversation as they began to crowed
around the two, listening in intensely. He crossed his arms, thinking
back to earlier.

"Only Dell." He responded, shifting his weight to his
other foot. "He was installing a camera that I had requested a
month ago." The reaction was instant as Trent spun on his heels,
grabbing the front of Dell's coat and raising a fist, intending to
punch him. The engineer, on the other hand, had gone pale as the snow
that surrounded them, holding his hands in front of his face. "Ya
bloody, bastard!" Bellowed the demoman, giving the Texan the
nastiest look he could whilst drunk. "Ya tried ta keel medik!!"

"No, no!" The smaller man cried, waving his hands and
shaking his head negitavely frantically. "I didn't do it!
Honest! The man's my friend! I wouldn't do that!" As this went
on, Scout watched the scene, looking at the engineer with a smirk
covering his features. "Geeze, hardhat. I know the doc's a bit
looney but there's no reason ta off him." He chortled, loosing
the humor as he gained a glare from the heavy.

"I didn't do it!" Dell pleaded, close to sobbing.
"Please believe me!"

There was a scoff from Trent. "'Ow can anyehone believe yeh
if ya pull a stunt like this?!" And he was just about to
introduce Dell's face to his fist when Klus grabbed a hold of the
demoman's arm, making the man look at him puzzled and Dell, relieved.
"Trent, stop." Comanded the medic. "I doubt Dell would
have the heart to do this. And as he said, he's my friend. I'd trust
him with my life." The demoman let Dell go, but not without a
glare in warning. Shivering, the America hid behind the medic.

There was a grumble as Scout joined the three with one arm
scratching irritatedly on the back of his neck. "Which ya almost
lost, doc." The youth pointed out before crossing his arms,
scowling. "If Hardhat here's didn't do it then who did? Santa?"

"This was made for a small explosion." Vasha chimed in,
making all four men standing there to turn and look at her in sync.
While they had been busy with their scuffle, she had wondered around
where the rest of the wall had been prier to the explosion and held
up what looked to be a small broken box. She held it in her hands,
turning it front to back, side to side. There was a sputter from
someone behind Klus. "You call that a small explosion?! My room
is the closest one to Medic's and that thing almost took it out!"
of course it would be the Scout to complain. Vasha just stared at
them blandly.

"See here?" She asked, pointing to the burnt and broken
chunk that looked as if something forced it's way outside from the
metal from the inside. "Is poorly made. Had been made correctly,
entire base would be just like the medical ward." The silence
that hung over them felt heavy. Each unable to move as their thoughts
took them. This was a problem, that was for sure.

"So it wasn't just me they tried to kill." The words
escaped his lips before he could stop them, finding that his
shivering kept his mind off of the pain he felt. "So..."
Trent's deep voice was wavering slightly. "Who deed it?"

"Vlad?" Klus questioned fearfully to the demo. As much
as he hated the thought of the man, Vlad was still at large and very
able to sneak in when someone wasn't watching. Engineer scoffed, no
longer cowering behind the medic. "Vlad's dangerous alright, but
the man couldn't put a cake recipe together, let alone a bomb."
He then proceeded to pace, arms crossed with one hand to his chin in
thought. "They were able to get in and out of the base. Possibly
from the rafters under the floor where the water heater would be.
Problem is, only I have the key, which I had lost. I had meant to get
another one." the man stopped his pacing with a frown. "Damn
it!" He cursed.

"Well, where'd ya lose it? Ya think that someone picked it
up?" Scout questioned, resting his hands on the sides of his
waist as he normally did when uneasy. The question caught Klus off
guard. Considering the boy was normally rash, this question was awful
calm and concerned. "Well." The Texan began, taking his
helmet off to scratch the hair on his scalp. "Let's see. I had
just finished fixing the heater last night, what with it being busted
when we arrived. When I went to put the key in my breast pocket, not
knowin' there was a hole in it. It must have fell out when I was
ambling through the hallway from the showers to the ammo room."

"Tha' is in the middle of the base, lad." Trent pointed
out, completely baffled at this. Dell nodded slowly to the man,
shoving his hands in his pockets. "Yeah."

"That means..." Vasha paused, looking around cautiously.

"That it was an inside job." Klus finished, biting his

It Started With Some Fries (chapter 15)
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Previous: It Started With Some Fries (chapter 14)

ok, PDF is no longer working with me so here's this. I hope you will all still read it.

(Blue Medic/Red Heavy) It all started at a bar. When he offered me a fry, I found myself opening up to him. Never before had I felt so comfortable with another human being since my bitch of a wife left with the kids. Not even my own team can get close to me. Yet, the enemy Heavy had somehow found his way through my shields. What does this mean?)

There will be more!



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I want to make a few pictures for my stories, using SFM, problem is that I need Nude models for my TF2 characters and I'm not sure how to get a hold of them. please help.
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