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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

I don't own TF2.

Chapter 14

The look that Misha had given him was doubtful but a hidden lust
lay behind those sweet blue eye that Klus had come to know. Without a
word, the blue medic lay back on the bed, rubbing his own clothed
thighs as if to prove to the Russian he was unafraid. The giant was
frozen where he sat, watching the smaller blue as if to make sure
that he was truly ready and not going to push him away again. The
giants gaze felt like a weight on in his heart as he waited anxiously
for the others response. Sweat littered Klus' forehead as time ticked
by. Finally, Misha shook his head with a sigh as he rubbed his face.
Smiling, the larger man stood up, easing the medic's nerves. "Very
well," Misha spoke after what felt like an eternity. "But
we do this my way." He lifted up his index finger as he lifted
his fist. "First, need a safe word. If either of us want to
stop." The giant paused, staring down at Klus who had pushed
himself up by his elbows as he focused his attention on the giant
patiently. "The word will be 'heart'." Klus nodded slowly,
suddenly feeling more assured in his decision as Misha lifted his
middle finger beside his index.

"Second. We do not rush." Another thing the blue medic
could agree on. Silently, he once again nodded as his heart began to
pound excitedly as a third finger was risen. "And last..."
Pausing for effect, the Red heavy chuckled before going to his door
and locking it and heading to the other side of the room and
retrieved a radio. Holding it up, Misha grinned. "Need music.
Team must not hear." Blood rushed to Klus' face as he sat up
entirely on the bed and crossing his legs and resting his hands into
his lap. He had no clue why he was sulking now. Maybe it was from the
current embarrassment of the possibility of being heard by his
lover's team. Sure the walls and door was thick but Klus was sure
that the Russian wasn't going to take any chances. So lost in
thought, he never noticed Misha step to the desk that rested not too
far from the bed and set the radio on top of it. It was a simple
machine that resembled a boom box more than anything with it's large

"Won't your team wonder why you have such loud music
playing?" He questioned, playing with a bit of loose string that
stuck from the quilt of the bed. "Nyet." Answered his large
lover with a rumbling chuckle from where he stood, adjusting the
radio. "Play this a lot. Loudly. Lets them know to...."
Misha paused whatever he was doing to look to the ceiling, trying to
find the English word he was looking for. "Go away?" The
last bit came out more of a question as he looked to the medic on the
bed for confirmation. Klus nodded. "That makes sense."
Hearing the radio start up, his heart pounded quickly now as the
anticipation was almost overwhelming him. Biting his lip, Klus
grabbed the bottom of his cold and wet shirt to remove it when a
large hand stopped him and the other held onto his chin in a light
grip. Looking to stare into Misha's eyes in question, he stopped,
feeling the hand that had kept him from removing his shirt went
around to drag him closer to the giant body before him.

With the music beginning to beat loudly behind the giant, Misha
pressed his forehead against Klus' minding the small round glasses
that sat on his face. The blue medic could feel the warm breath of
his lover as he spoke softly, feeling the warm air brush his face
like a feather tracing his skin. "If anyone undresses you,"
The giant began, gently pushing Klus to lay on his back with the
giant over him. "It is to be me." with those said, Misha
kissed Klus' milky white skin on his neck below the ear he had spoken
those words in. The German closed his eyes, feeling the warm and
gentle lips of his lover graze his neck, placing butterfly kissed
with each passing moment. His gloved hands reached up and around to
grasp the Russian's back with a sigh. With this, Misha's large hands
trailed slowly down the blue's sides and up the shirt, just barely
able to squeeze between the fabric and the smooth back of the medic.

The touch felt like fire to him and he liked his. Groaning
quietly, he could tell he was making an expression. The pleasure of
those large hands caressing him was pleasing and he found himself
desiring more as he let out a soft moan that was silenced by both the
music and his lover's mouth covering his own in a soft lusty kiss.
Only pulling away for Misha to remove Klus' shirt, they once again
found themselves locked together, mouths savoring the taste of each
other with their hands roaming the bodies of the other, mapping out
their frame. With one hand on his back, the medic felt Misha use his
other to grope his backside. Sighing in his pleasure, his eyes closed
tightly, arching his lower half to give the giant more room for the
and to grab. Klus began to match the giant's movements as his own
hands wondered down Misha's back, earning a groan from the man above
him as his gloved hands slipped under the shirt, lightly scaling the
taut muscle that many had assumed was fat on the heavy. "Take
them off..." The small whine from the larger man almost shocked
the medic. "Need to feel you." Groaned Misha as the hand
that once rested on Klus's back went to set itself on his chest. "No
gloves. Take them off." Repeated the giant with a moan.

"B-But my arm." Klus found himself moaning back. "One
is metal. It wouldn't be the same." The giant hand on his behind
was now rubbing his face soothingly and once again his eyes landed on
the heavy's. "Does not matter." Misha soothed with a warm
smile, once again pressing their foreheads together without breaking
eye contact. "Is part of you. I need to feel all of you."
Something in the blue's heart touched him and he felt wetness in his
eyes and he didn't hesitate to remove the rubber gloves he had put on
before he left the base. As they fell to the floor with a flop
he once again returned to caressing the large body above him,
expecting the Russian to shiver from Klus' cold, metal hand touching
his warm skin. But he didn't. The man just smiled as if it was normal
before resuming to kissing his smaller lover, pushing the blue's body
into the mattress of his humongous bed. Closing their eyes; they
became more urgent in their movements. As they kissed and Klus' hands
explored the large body hovering above him, his eyes shot open as
Misha's large hands played with his nipples, making the medic arch
and call out breathlessly. Groaning, his lover's fingers played with
his body again and he found himself whining as his member hardened
from inside his pants. Misha's lips had returned to his neck and with
a rumbling chuckle, the giant lowered his head to the blue's chest.

The feeling of Misha's warm mouth suckling on one of his nipples,
letting his tongue toy with it, made Klus arch up more violently,
crying out in pleasure as he dug his nails in the back of his lover,
pushing the Russian's face further to his chest. The rumble in the
giant's body told the medic that the heavy was finding just as much
pleasure from the action the blue made as his hands seemed to kneed
the red heavy's back like a cat. Misha removed his head from the
nipple to rest beside the medic's head to whisper in his ear. "The
noises." He whispered huskily as his large hand groped Klus'
aching crotch, causing the smaller man to gasp. "Makes me so
hard." to prove this, Misha ground his hips with the blue's,
earning a pleased gasp for his efforts. Turning his head to the side,
his eyes clinched shut tightly as he moaned and whined each time
their clothed erections rubbed together. Oh, Klus could feel how hard
his lover was. He could also feel how large the man was and his fear
from earlier came back up. For a moment, he was reminded of Vlad. He
was reminded of Vlad as Misha rubbed his bare sides and linger on his
pants. Seeing the face of Misha's twin over him. Opening his eyes, he
saw the pleasured face of Misha, not Vlad.

He had not looked at his rapist during the act. But this, the
lovemaking between him and Misha, he was going to treasure the moment
as he was determined to look at the face of his lover. Reminding
himself that he was with Misha, the fear had fled and once again, he
was filled with pleasure as he almost tore the shirt from his lover,
gaining a chuckled from the red heavy who was none the wiser about
the smaller man's earlier mental battle. Now both shirtless, Klus
went to the giants neck, kissing it and savored every moan he had
earned for the effort he had made. "Bitte." He begged,
feeling Misha's hand hesitating around the fly of his pants. "Bitte.
I need you." his pants were removed so fast that it appeared as
a blur. He never felt his lover lifting his legs into the air to
remove the fabric; never did he feel the cold as his erection freed
from the confines of his pants;having forgotten to put on underwear
and momentarily glad for his laps in memory as his hard member was
pressed against Misha's warm belly, moaning as skin made contact and
the giants hand cupped his behind as it had earlier. Feeling the
giant's thumb trace his crack and circle his entrance, he moaned,
letting his own hands to fly to the zipper of the heavy's pants and
yanked the trousers down after he had unzipped it; the heavy's
erection sprung out, leaking precum and leaving a trail as it did so.

Misha moaned as he head felt his own aching member touch the cold
air before pressing their bodies together as best he could. With his
free hand, he grabbed something from under his pillow as the rest of
his pants dropped away and onto the floor. Moaning, Klus felt his
legs forced open but also, requiring his own participation as Misha
refused to shove his way in between the medic's thighs. Wrapping his
arms around the giant's neck, he spread his legs as wide as he could,
kissing the giant's neck as he did so. There was a moan from the
Russian and the lube he had grabbed from under the pillow was
lathered onto the giant's fingers. "Are you ready?" He
asked huskily. Klus nodded, feeling his body stiffen when he felt his
lovers fingers enter him. The experience felt weird and it hurt a
little. He whined his discomfort and Misha was quick to kiss his lips
and eyes lightly. Pausing in their movements, the heavy hushed his
whimpers soothingly. "Need you to relax, Klus." He soothed,
rubbing the medic's back as he did so. "It would hurt if you

"J-Ja." He whispered and took a few deep breaths in an
effort to relax his body. Feeling his body settle into the sheets,
the finger continued its movements. This confused Klus. He had never
felt this and had no understanding of why the heavy was doing this
but he kept silent. It wasn't until the finger brushed up against his
prostate did he even have a slight bit of understanding. Crying out,
he arched onto the finger, begging and writhing. With a chuckle,
another slick finger was inserted. It was a bit disappointing that
the giant didn't even try to touch that spot in him again. His
displeasure must have shone on his face because Misha spoke again.
"Do not want you to enjoy self too much. Need to save fun for
best part." Klus just frowned. Even as a third finger was
inserted, he felt himself being stretched. Sure it felt good and Klus
was moaning on the bed, red faced as he pushed against the fingers
again. As the fingers left him, did he whine again and hide his face
into the crook of Misha's neck.

A kiss was placed on his temple as he felt Misha move about and
something slick and even larger than all three of those fingers were
inserted into his entrance. Gasping, he held tightly to the giant and
bit into his lovers shoulder, hearing Misha groan as he paused to let
Klus adjust to his size and wrapping his large arms around the
medic's small frame. Panting and gasping, Klus shortly felt Misha
pump in and out of hims, pushing his member further and further into
the blue's body each time he went in. It was painful. Tears fell from
his eyes and memories from his rape came to mind. But kisses from
Misha and soothing and praising whispers in his ears soon kept them
at bay. This kept on and although Misha was being slow and gently, it
was still painful. But to Klus' relief, the pain soon gave away to
pleasure as the giant soon seated himself fully into the body below
him as he kissed the tears that Klus had shed earlier, away.

Groaning softly, the blue kissed the heavy's lips as he hung his
arms around Misha's neck as he tenderly wrapped his legs around the
large body. Kissing Klus back, their mouths continued this dance of
passion as it grew hotter and heavier as they did so. With his arms
around the smaller body, Misha sat up, bringing the medic with him,
who moaned as gravity forced his body further onto the giants
erection. The red heavy smiled, pleased that his lover was finding
pleasure in this, he lay down on his back against the pillows, making
his smaller lover pull away and stare at him confused. "We go at
your pace. Will not hold you down." the giant cooed as he rubbed
the medic's back. Understanding dawned on Klus' features as he gave a
small smile as he got up, pulling the giant's erection out of him
slightly before shoving back down. Both moaned with the action. When
Klus had been a teenager, he had studied such acts but with the time
period being what it was, he never got the chance to see if it
worked. Giving a breathless moan, he repeated the action, enjoying
the friction and gasping before calling out as the heavy's member
scrapped against his prostate.

Misha moaned as he grabbed Klus' hips. the slow movements were
like torture to him and the warm walls of the medic surrounding his
cock felt wonderful as it had been years since he had taken a lover.
Just barely able to contain himself and keep himself from thrusting
wildly into the man that straddled him, he moaned once again as Klus
had begun to speed up the process. Giving in, he thrust up slightly
to meet Klus' pace, Groaning, gasping, writhing, heaving. They
panted. The blue had never felt such pleasure in his life. Even
intimate moments with his ex-wife never felt so good. As he pleasured
himself on the giants cock and moaning as the larger man met with his
movements, their bodies were in sync as Klus' hands roamed the
Russian's body and tweaked a nipple in his normal hand. The giant
called out, almost above the music that played loudly to hide the
noises they made. The large hands that held his waist pushed him back
down on Misha's body, one hand straying and grabbing Klus' neglected
erection that wept as a warm touch came into contact.

Head thrown back, Klus howled his pleasure as they sped up. The
bed creaked with their movements and it wasn't long before Misha had
flipped them over to pound Klus into the mattress, despite saying he
wasn't going to. But Klus found he liked this position better as his
legs were thrown on the heavy's shoulders so Misha could get a better
angle. It was a sweet torture as his prostate was hit each time the
giant gave a thrust. The blue ended up wrapping his arms around the
large body and calling out as he felt his climax drawing near.
Kissing each other once again, their hands wondered aside from the
one that pumped Klus' member. The bed squeaked and shook violently as
their movements became more frantic until they came, howling each
others names, freezing in place as Misha filled his insides while the
medic painted their fronts.

It took all the heavy had not to fall on top of the blue as he
came down from his high. Instead, he rolled onto his side, landing on
the bed tiredly as he pulled out from the body beneath him. Panting,
Klus smiled and rolled on his side to snuggled into Misha's chest.
Snorting lightly as he grinned at the medic's behavior, he wrapped
his arms tiredly around him. "You are alright?" he
questioned, giving a quick kiss to the smaller man's lips. Klus gave
a tired laugh. "Ja, Considering that I'm not bleeding. I don't
think I'll be able to walk tomorrow." He chuckled and closed his
eyes, almost falling asleep if it weren't for the music still
playing. The giant grumbled at that. "I should turn that off."
With a nod from Klus, Misha stood up weakly and strode up tho his
desk where the radio sat. Just as he turned it off, there was a loud
bang followed by the ground shaking violently. Looking out the window
in an instant, he saw the blue base on fire as the resst of the blue
team ran out into the snow to escape the smoke that leaked from the
building. As they gathered, Misha could spot the blonde engineer
count them. He must have noticed that their medic was missing and
turned to the base and called out for the medic.

Looking over to his sleepy lover, he saw that Klus was watching
him, wide awake and alert. "What happened?!" Shrugging,
still on shock, the giant inspected the blue base closely and noticed
a gaping area where part of the building used to be. "Part of
the blue base blue up." He answered, not bothering to hide his
surprise. Klus, was on his feet in an instant, ignoring the pain in
his ass and the dribble of cum that leaked from him and down his leg;
he hobbled to the window and gasped, gripping Misha's arm.

"Those are my rooms!" He exclaimed wildly as fear filled
his being. "Someone blew up my room! Someone tried to blow ME

It Started With Some Fries (chapter 14)
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Previous: It Started With Some Fries Chapter 13

ok, PDF is no longer working with me so here's this. I hope you will all still read it.

(Blue Medic/Red Heavy) It all started at a bar. When he offered me a fry, I found myself opening up to him. Never before had I felt so comfortable with another human being since my bitch of a wife left with the kids. Not even my own team can get close to me. Yet, the enemy Heavy had somehow found his way through my shields. What does this mean?)

There will be more!

For anyone interested, I am on Ao3 now and have written a few stories. That can be found there.

The newest and the best story I have written thus far is here:…

and I will put the Summary below:

"Heavy," that was what he called me. That was the word he had learned from his time watching the television.

"Heavy." oh how he hated to hear the Inservire mewl this word in his ear as the giant rubbed his back so tenderly. It was wrong. It was Immoral. It went against everything he knew. But it had felt so good. Unfortunately for him, society deemed it no better than sleeping with a dog.

In a world where life was simple, gay relationships are highly accepted and crime is low, life could not be easier for anyone living in this simple town where gossip is all around. But each town has a dark secret. Although much is tolerated in the town of LunaWood, those unfortunate enough to be born a Inservire, a submissive, is cast out and left to die. Misha is a very well respected man in this small town until he crosses paths with a Inservire one night after a party. Feeling pity, he dares to take the creature home, the same creature that is forbidden to even have any sort of contact with. Growing emotionally closer to the Submissive, Misha is soon pulled into a world of prejudice, politics and lies. As he fears for himself and his lover, he wonders how he will make it out alive.

It's only on it's third chapter so a bit of support would help me. Here is the story and feel free to tell people about this and me. Thank you.
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Blue Medic: Klus (Line Art): Pain by Rougazen
Blue Medic: Klus (Line Art): Pain
I don't care if people edit and shade it (because I actually want people to do it) This is my first and best art of Klus. I am a horrible artist but I got this made.

A/N: I don't own tf2

Chapter 13

Klus found he
rater enjoyed spending time with the new Heavy. He found Vasha's
humor and wit to be refreshing compared to the other members of the
base who were all sarcastic and dry. The giant woman, despite her
lack of understanding a good amount of references the team made, had
a lot of patience and could give just as much as she could get with

Scout had often been found following Vasha recently, insulting
anyone who looked at her too long. Klus found the boy's childish
behavior to be amusing and could only laugh when Vasha threatened the
Scout when he insulted Klus. The young man shrunk and looked away as
the Heavy shouted at him, ashamed that the woman was mad at him.

In some ways, the boy irritated the Medic since he was interfering
with Klus' time with his new friend. Eventually, they managed to get
rid of Scout; if only for a few hours as the boy would come back to
check on Vasha and make sure the "Medic freak" wasn't
making any moves on her. In which Klus would respond with a roll of
his eyes, trying to keep his cool.

Luckily, he didn't have the problem known as Scout as he sat in
his office, writing up his latest report on his teams health, having
finished examining Spy; who had left disgruntled as he rubbed his
rear from his earlier examination. Vasha stood in the background,
looking at the multiple posters that he had handing up. Coughing, he
adjusted himself in his seat, feeling uncomfortable as he sat.

"What is that?" He heard her ask suddenly, breaking the
silence that had once occupied the room. "What is what?" He
questioned, spinning slightly in his seat to glance behind, seeing
what she was looking at. It was a poster of the male reproductive
system she was pointing at; or more importantly, something in it.

Klus hummed and flipped his long black hair from his shoulder.
"Oh," He exclaimed, making an effort to sound informative.
"That is called the epididymis," He informed, turning back
to his work. "It carries the man's sperm to become fertilized."

She made a quiet noise, sounding interested. "And what are
these?" Sighing, he turned back around. "Those are what is
called the seminal vesicles." He explained bored. "They
basically store the semen." He removed his glasses and rubbed
his eyes before placing his glasses back on his face. "Why so

Vasha had the decency to turn red and looked away. "Did not
have good education where I am from." She stated blandly as
color flooded her cheeks. "Wanted to be a doctor but they
wouldn't let me in and didn't have the money. Too busy caring for
baby brother and mother." Klus frowned, setting his pencil down.

"I understand." Klus said quietly. "It's not easy
these days with the economy." With a smile, he continued. "I
could tutor you. You could be my assistant."

Vasha hummed and said no more. The smile on her face was enough of
an answer.


"And there ya go." Dell chirped proudly from the ladder
he stood on, tightly screwing the last screw into the wall. "A
nicely hidden camera successfully installed Doc." With a grin,
the blonde climbed down, going over to his tool box, he tossed his
screwdriver in the metal box and bent down to grab it. With hands
gripped together behind his back, Klus stepped up to the American
with a smile.

"Danke, Dell. I appreciate this." Gratitude clear and
flooding the Medic voice as he stopped right behind the Texan. "Even
with Vlad gone, I still feel a bit...wary." Standing up with the
toolbox on his shoulder, his gloved hand holding it there securely,
the smaller man grinned. "No problem Doc. I understand what you
mean." Klus mused silent to himself, mentally doubting the
American on that. "Ih mean, the guy always gave me the creeps
anyway. Installed a camera in my own room. Just to be safe." the
Engineer continued. Smirking to himself, the engineer extended his
free arm to some monitors nearby.

"You can check the footage there or in my room if you need
ta. My door's open for ya." And with that, the mechanic left,
leaving Klus feeling a little safer than he had ever been since he
had arrived.

As he looked up at the camera that sat in the darkest corner of
his room, he sighed contently, relaxing his shoulders as he did so.
Distracted by his thoughts, he never noticed Mask until she came at
him full force, running around in a panic; zipping back and forth in
a white blur, meowing frantically. Disturbed, he chased after her,
going from one of her hiding spots to another, calling out softly to

"What has gotten into you, silly cat?" He cooed as he
bent down beside his bed, looking under the cot and spotting two
glowing eyes, wide from whatever had spooked her. Reaching under the
bed to grab her, he quickly drew his hand back with a hiss,
inspecting his now bleeding finger from where she had scratched him.
Ignoring the blood, he bent down again.

"That wasn't nice." He bit bitterly, gaining a growl
from her in response. "What is wrong, Mask?" Klus sat up,
not really expecting an answer. Grumbling, he rubbed his head and
gasping as he remembered about his coat that he had left outside
during the battle by mistake and cursed his carelessness. He stood up
and headed for the door, choosing to give Mask her space as he went
to retrieve his coat. Throwing on the scarf that Misha had given him,
he groaned, not going to enjoy the cold outside at all. As he opened
his emergency door to the outside, Mask had dashed from under the bed
and out the now open door.

"Mask!" Klus exclaimed alarmed as he watched his
precious pet run from the room and out into the chilled air of the
snowy climate where she could blend in, despite the black mask
marking on her face. Instantly, he took off into a run after her,
whizzing around, hoping to heard her back through the still open door
to his room, not noticing the cold or the snow crunching under his

Calling out to her and clicking to get her attention as he chased
after her, farther and farther into the battlefield. Chest seizing up
from the cold, he panted for air as his breath became harder to
acquire as he ran, slipping on a patch of ice that lay hidden under
the snow as he gave a sharp turn passed a crudely made metal wall
from shack shingles and through the burnt down remains of a house.
Mask paid her owner no mind as she ran through many obstetrical,
attempting to get away from whatever had spooked her in Klus' room.

Making a sharp right turn, passed the other side of the burnt down
house, she vanished through a pipe much too small for Klus to fit
through. Shortly after the cat had made that turn, Klus attempted to
make the curve with the same sharpness as she had, only to slide on
another patch of ice under the snow, making him slide down the side
of the hill and tumbling down in the snow, feeling the frozen water
seep into his clothes.

Klus cried out each time he made contact with the ground, each
landing hurt despite the soft snow resting on it. Tumbling and
tumbling, he managed to his a bit of metal or wood that was either
under or sticking slightly out from under the fresh powder. "Shit!"
He painfully cried out as he banged his knee on a wooden stake that
sat stuck up in the snow, making him tumble awkwardly to where his
body would bend in the strangest ways.

Finally he had stopped tumbling as he reached the bottom of the
hill. Laying face down, his body hurt but luckily, nothing was broken
as far as he could tell, testing his limbs gently. Feeling snow touch
his exposed neck as his scarf had became disheveled and loose from
his neck. Not looking up as he heard footsteps crunching in the snow
to stop right in front of him.

"Why is it that I always find you like this?" There was
a laugh as the newcomer purred the question. Klus poked his head from
the snow, face red as snot leaked from his nose unattractively. Teeth
chattering as his clothes, now soaked with snow, grew colder.

"Not sure, meine liebe." He muttered, looking up at
Misha's tall, yet warm figure. The giant was wearing a light faux
leather coat that had fake fur strapped around the neck and sleeves
of it. In the giant's hand was Klus' winter coat that the blue medic
had gone to retrieve before Mask had run off. The red heavy just
chuckled as he bent down and lifted Klus to his feet, frowning at how
the German wrapped his arms around himself and his teeth began to
chatter faster. Seeing his small lover shivering, he took the coat he
had found and wrapped it around Klus' shoulders, gaining a thankful
nod from the man.

"You are soaked." Misha stated, wrapping his arms around
the smaller frame. Klus didn't respond, too busy trying to get warm
with the giant arms around him. "What were you doing out here? A
storm is on it's way."

Sneezing, the medic wiped his arm on his sleeve. "I had to
find my coat." He answered, snuggling into the heavy's stomach.
"But it appears I have something else I need to hunt for."

Misha frowned and began to drag his lover to the red base, hearing
the medic begin to protest instantly and try to back away from his
arm. "Everyone is asleep. No one will know you are there."

Klus opened his mouth but was silenced by a finger touching his
lips tenderly. "Will not take no for an answer." Misha
stated sternly. "You wondered too far from your base. Won't
allow you to get sick because of team color."

So Klus stayed silent.


Klus payed little to no attention as he was led around the red
base; finding Misha's bed to be too inviting for sleep when they had
gotten there with the blue's eyes drooping tiredly. He barely
registered as he was set down onto the bed and his wet clothing
removed and replaced by Misha's large shirt that went down to his
knees. He nearly dozed off until Misha's rough hands traced against
the large bruise that the medic had gotten earlier from the wooden
plank in the snow. Hissing, Klus bit his lip to keep from making
noise and alerting the other reds.

"Sorry." Misha apologized, looking up at Klus who was
now a little more alert from the pain. "So." the giant
began. "What were you doing that caused this?" he asked,
large fingers tracing lightly over the bruise. Color flooded the
German's cheeks. "I was being foolish and running in thick snow.
Luckily I stopped rolling at some point before something worse
happened." he vexed exasperatedly, looking around the oddly
seemingly nearly empty room. "Are you sure this is you're room?"

Misha looked cross as he flicked Klus' nose lightly, earning a
sharp look from the medic. "I like everything in order and put
away." the giant stated; annoyed. "Do not change the
subject. Why were you running when you knew the mountain was
dangerous? Could have fallen off the mountain and out of respawn
area." Klus responded with a snort. "I doubt that I would
have fallen off the mountain, Misha. The edge is much too far away
and there are flat spots all over the bases." He paused when he
saw the inpatient look that the heavy gave him. With a sigh in
defeat, he looked down where Misha was sitting on the floor by the
bed; Klus' injured leg in his hands.

"I was chasing Mask. She had gotten out of the base."
Worry flooded his expression as he risked a peek up at his giant
partner. Spotting a bemused look on Misha's face, Klus shifted on the
bed, a little unnerved. "You ran after Mask." The words the
Russian uttered betrayed his disbelief. Klus huffed abruptly. "Ja,
I know. Stupid of me." replied resentfully, not looking up to
meet his lover's scrutiny.

After what felt like hours, Misha broke the tension by exhaling
deeply. "Was stupid." the Russian retorted. "Cat can
find her own way back." One of his enormous left the Medic's
exposed leg and placed itself on the German's chest. "I am not
worried about her. What would I do if I had lost you?" at this,
Klus felt a spark of guilt strike his heart. He hadn't mean to make
the giant worry. He hadn't even meant for the man to even see him.
But regardless of him not intending to be found, he found he rather
liked it; being with Misha in the same room brought him joy.

"I am sorry, Misha. I did not intend to scare you." he
apologized, regret heard loud and clear. Hearing Misha hum in
response, he leaned forward and placed a kiss to the heavy's lips,
enjoying the way the Russian's eyes closed and his chest rumbled as
Misha groaned softly. As they parted from the gentle contact, he
heard Misha chortle lightly as they both opened their eyes. His leg
was released and he gently lowered the limb as the enormous arms
wrapped around his torso, letting his own arms rest on the giant
broad shoulders of his lover.

"Does not mean I forgive you." Misha stated coyly. "I
am very protective of you. Even after such a short time." Klus
said nothing. Instead, he resorted to leaning forward and kissing the
heavy again; passionate this time, feeling brave. For the first time
in the past month of being at the new base, he felt like he could
take on the world. Those arms tightened around him as the giant
kissed back lightly, making a feeble attempt at keeping the kiss

"Ich liebe dich." Klus whispered softly against those
lips as he went back to kissing them, feeling warm and at peace. His
arms wrapped around Misha's neck as a small warmth filled his belly,
pushing himself closer to the heavy. With one arm wrapped around
Klus' torso, the other lowered to hold his rear gently. As if by
magic, Misha began to respond to the kiss just as eagerly, matching
Klus' pace. "I love you too." The Russian whispered back,
voice rough and purring, sending the deep vibrations to Klus' loins
with each word. Klus gave a small moan and pressed closer to his

"We should not do this." Misha informed plainly as he
made an attempt to pull away but was topped by Klus' pale arm. "Do
you not want me?" inquired wounded, looking up in question.
Answering Klus' look with his own sorrowful one, he caressed the
German's face lovingly. "I do want you." he responded
lustfully. "But we must not. I do not want to take the risk of
hurting you."

"You will not hurt me." Insisted the smaller man,
fidgeting anxiously on Misha's bed. "I am ready for it."

"You gave me that idea at the hotel." Misha reminded
calmly; soothingly rubbing up and down the blue's back, removing the
hand that originally rested on Klus' rear. His smaller lover flushed
as he looked around the room mortified. When he did manage to stare
the giant in the eye, his face was stern and a light shone in the
German's eyes. "Not one of my better moments." He took a

"But I am sure of it now." With a smile, he looked up at
his large lover with his face glowing. "I really am."

It Started With Some Fries Chapter 13


ok, PDF is no longer working with me so here's this. I hope you will all still read it.

(Blue Medic/Red Heavy) It all started at a bar. When he offered me a fry, I found myself opening up to him. Never before had I felt so comfortable with another human being since my bitch of a wife left with the kids. Not even my own team can get close to me. Yet, the enemy Heavy had somehow found his way through my shields. What does this mean?)

There will be more!


I don't own TF2.

A/N: I was trying to draw Klus and Misha for you guys but I was
quickly reminded of how bad of a drawer I was and now I'm sad.
Anyway, here's the next chapter for those reading this. The whole
being that Klus sees this figure is all Psychological. The being is
in fact, not real and is a figment of Klus' imagination due to trauma
and stress he has suffered recently. All psychological and things
like that can happen to people. I'm also working on accents here
so you should see a little bit. It's not spelled wrong without a

Chapter 12

His butt was cold from the snow he had
fallen into when the skeleton spy had spoken to him. Frozen in shock,
he sat and stared at the skeleton, not able to find his voice. The
figure didn't seem to be perturbed by Klus' frightened stated as he
casually took out his disguise kit to grab a cigarette and place the
brown tip in between his teeth. Putting the kit away, the skeleton
lit the cigarette with a lighter before facing Klus with a bony grin.
“You might want to move Doctor.” It stated with it's
thick French accent, leaning against the wall that it had been hiding
behind. “You have a laser on your forehead.” jumping,
Klus looked to his forehead and indeed saw the red beam from the red
Sniper's rifle. Rolling away quickly, a gunshot rang out and a curse
was followed afterward as Klus hid behind the wall beside the
Skeleton Spy who's head was out in the open for the Sniper to see,
yet for some reason, the Australian didn't take the chance for the
easy kill. Gulping at the close call, Klus gripped his chest. Hearing
the figure beside him laugh, he faced it, not knowing how to respond
to it.

You are so jumpy, Medic.
That will hurt you in battle.” The being snorted, puffs of
smoke leaking from it's teeth as it spoke. Dropping the cigarette in
the snow, the Skeleton snuffed it out with his foot, chuckling.
Turning it's back to the blue medic, it snorted again. “I am
Visk. You will be seeing more of me, I assure you.” With a push
of a button on it's watch, Visk vanished right before Klus' eyes.
Giving a sigh of relief, he looked to where the cigarette was put out
and gasped. The cigarette was gone. The snow lay there like a
blanket, undisturbed and settled in a nice patch of fresh snow. It
was untouched. Blinking confused, he stared at that same spot until a
rough hand grabbed his shoulder, making him flinch away and twist his
torso to see who had grabbed him. It was the blue soldier. “C'mere
cupcake!” barked the gruff man as the Soldier grabbed Klus up
from his spot in the snow by his arm and took the Quick-fix that Klus
had dropped before shoving it into the Medic's arms.

With a nod, he aimed the medigun at
the soldier and turned it on. With the blue beam on him, the Soldier
grinned and began running into battle, rocket launcher on his
shoulder. Sighing, Klus followed the man, finding no one else around.
Keeping up with the other man was rather easy since he was almost as
slow as the heavy. It wasn't until the Soldier aimed at the ground
and crouch did Klus realize in that split second that he was going to
be screwed. Not having time to turn the quick-fix off, The Soldier
rocket jumped into the air, Medic trailing behind like a dog on a
leash dragging its owner. The medic couldn't stop his screaming as he
was catapulted into the air, miles and miles from the ground, he
could imagine himself falling and splattering painfully onto the

And that image almost came true until
the Soldier rocketed the ground again, making them remain high in the
air and flying toward the battle. Eyes tightly clenched together,
Klus felt the cold wind rush by him as he screamed. “I hate
you!!! I hate you so much!!! You fool! You Idiot!!! I want off this
ride!! STOP!!!” And they indeed eventually stop as a rocket
from the Red Soldier hit his blue counterpart, making the blue
Soldier splatter into a million bits and pieces of gore and blood, in
which, thanks to the pyrovision goggles he had on, Klus only saw
confetti and gears. Without his team mate, Klus was left to go
flying, quickly descending to the ground at an alarming speed.

Opening his eyes, he saw exactly where
he was falling to and saw he was heading right at the Blue sniper who
held the gun up to his face, aiming at a far away Demoman. Klus
opened his mouth to warn his team mate of his sudden arrival but
found he couldn't utter a word out of the sight of him suddenly
rushing to the ground. Bracing himself, he did the thing he knew
would kill him instantly. He tensed up. Waiting for the inevitable,
he landed, crashing into a body and hearing a grunt and a crunch as
he landed straddled on top of a body that smelled of expensive
Cologne and cigarettes. His fist gripped the clothes under him,
prepared to see the sight of his Sniper under him when he opened his

Jaw dropping, he couldn't believe his
luck. It wasn't the Blue Sniper he had landed on. He had fallen right
behind the Sniper and on top of the red Spy who must have been
invisible and had his knife ready to stab the Australian. Sitting up,
he still sat straddling the now dead spy with his hands to his mouth.
“Bloody 'ell, mate! You saved me liofe roit there!”
Dropping his hands to the body under him, he turned his head to the
Sniper who stared at the medic with wide eyes and gun lowered,
pointed to the ground. “Where'd you bloody come from anyway?!”
breathing heavily as he began to relax from his terrifying ride, he
pointed to the sky, not trusting his voice to speak.

The Sniper followed where he pointed
and frowned, brows furrowing. “The Sky?” Looking down,
the Australian saw the Quick-fix and smirked. “Ah, I see. The
Solder roit?” the medic nodded and turned his attention back to
the dead Spy whose neck was twisted in an odd angle. Giving a weak
chuckle at his first spy kill, he got off the body and gave the
Sniper a quick heal before running off. Pulling off his goggles as he
ran, he clenched them tightly in his fist, tired of wearing them. He
stuffed them in his pocket. The sight of the spy and what he had done
felt oddly good to Klus. He wanted more. Pulling out his buzz saw, he
ran head first to the Soldier. The man saw him coming and grinned as
he set the rocket launcher down and cracked his knuckles. High on
adrenaline, Klus charged at the man foolishly. Eventually the saw was
tossed from his hand as the red Soldier tackled him to the ground.
Growling as the two tumbled around in the snow, he felt that the
fight he was in was more like rough housing. Like the red was merely
playing with him like a cat would a mouse or an older sibling would
do to the younger.

Angrily, he gave a swing with his
metal arm and got the Soldier right in his jaw, hearing a second
crunch for the day as the soldier's jaw was shattered and broken.
Hearing the man cry out in pain as he held his jaw, kneeling in the
snow, curled into a ball, Klus felt sick from the joy that felt. To
have caused harm to another bigger and stronger than him was
incredible and he figured out how much damage his knew arm could
cause. In horror, he stared at his fake arm. “If this thing
could cause a Soldier to give a scream to chill my bones,”
thought, staring from his arm to the Red Soldier who was bleeding and
whimpering pitifully as he held his jaw in his hands and called for
his own medic.
Why didn't I do this with Vlad? That
never would have happened.”
his adrenaline had been wearing away and his heart felt heavy.

All along, he had
the power to stop the rape. But for some reason, he didn't use it.
Why? Why couldn't he use the red engineer's gift to him to stop Vlad?
Klus felt sick as he sat on the ground. It wasn't long until Wolff
appeared with his medigun, kneeling in front of the whimpering
Soldier to examine the jaw. Sighing, the red medic made a motion with
his hands in front of the Soldier and the man seemed to calm down a
bit. With a sigh, Wolff tenderly held the Soldier to his chest, being
mindful of the shattered jaw. The red looked up to his blue
counterpart with sad eyes.

sssssssshhouldddd Kiiiiiillll hiiiiimm.” Wolff stuttered,
rubbing a hand on the man's back. Klus stared back to Wolff
horrified. “Was....He's your team mate. Why did you tell me
that?!” The red medic sighed, the grey half of his face cackled
him! Kill him yourself!”

face cackled but was quickly shushed by Wolff. With all that
happened, Wolff's face was the least of his concern. “Iiiiif I
heal hiiim,” The red medic began. “Hiiiiis jaw wwoooould
fffforevver be dddammmmaged....Rrrrresssspawn wwwwoulllld ffffix
iiiit bbbetterrr.”

Klus shook his
head wildly, hand going to his mouth. He didn't want to kill the man.
The joy frightened him. With a sigh, Wolff too the soldier's head
with both hands then signed. The solder nodded as he stood up and ran
into battle, allowing himself to be killed by the blue pyro. Wolff
rubbed his face and also stood up and went to leave when Klus spoke
up. “Your Soldier. He's deaf, isn't he?”

The red froze in
spot, but nodded with his back to Klus. The blue continued. “And
no one else knows?” Wolff shook his head negatively before
giving a quick look to the blue on the ground. “And iiiiif
yooou wwwwereee ssmmart...Yooou'd dddddo bbbessssst to keeeeep iiit
thhhat wwwway.”


across the blue base that day as the blues ran away from the on
coming reds that were ready to attack them. Klus was the first to
make it into base and hide. Hoping it was Misha who would find him
instead of the rest of the red team, he hid under a nearby desk,
watching as multiple feet trod passed him as they cheered victory.
Curling further under the desk, he waited until the sound of their
feet faded into the distance and the shouting of his team mates as
they ran from the Red, who taunted and killed them as they went. The
whirring of the respawn system alerted him to the Blue Spy respawning
nearby. The nearest door opened up and the French man came out with a
grumble and straightened his suit and tie that must have come loose
when he was revived. “Merde.” The spy cursed as he lit up
a cigarette before silently walking off calmly. This behavior
encouraged Klus to come out of hiding as he tenderly crawled out from
under the desk on his hands and knees and looked around quickly
before standing up and sighing, rubbing the dust and cobwebs he had
acquired from his hiding spot.

the gathering of slow, beaten footsteps alerted him of his oncoming
team and without a second thought, he hurried to the kitchen before
the rest of them who, no doubt, would hog the food, normally leaving
the medic to scavenge what was left for himself before tending to
Mask. His food was cold by the time he managed to get around to
actually eating it. Once his team saw him cooking, they immediately
began shouting out orders for what they wanted, except for the scout
who, ironically enough, wasn't there. His soup was chilled and chunky
but Klus swallowed it down anyway, too tired from the fight to get up
and reheat it.

wasn't until he had finished did the scout appear with a pink letter
in his hand. He was grinning from ear-to-ear as he bounced around.
“You'll never guess what!” The youngest man cheered as
his hand tightened around the letter. “We're getting a new
Scout?” Spy quipped teasingly as he grabbed some toast from a
stray plate and buttering it. The scout scowled at the Frenchman.
“Oh, haha. Look at the funny man.” the boy bit before
grinning again. “But you're close.” This got everyone's
attention as they all turned to face the younger man who held the
note up higher, Miss. Pauling's obvious seal of approval at the
bottom of the paper. Each and everyone of the mercenaries pondered
worriedly on who was getting replaced as the tension grew.

guys! We're getting a new heavy! Since ol' Vladdo up and vanished,
Blue is hiring someone by the name of,” He brought the letter
to his face and squinted in an attempt to read the name. “Vasha.”
Scout grinned, clutching the letter to himself. “That name is
so cool! I wonder when he'll get here.”

was like a switch had been pulled as the anxiety dropped and everyone
seemed to let out a sigh of relief as they began chattering and
laughed to each other once again. Klus swallowed the last of his food
in silence, lost in thought. He guessed he should have been relieved
to hear that he wouldn't be at the base with Vlad but that also meant
that the giant could be anywhere and doing anything. If the medic was
lucky, he never would have had to worry about Vlad ever again, but
his luck had never been great. Chances are that he'd end up running
into the ex-heavy sometime between bases. It was something to be
weary of. “Doesn't the note say when the fella's comin' over?”
Dell asked, breaking Klus out of his thoughts. The Engineer had
removed his goggles and replaced them with an ice pack for his face.
The man hadn't needed to go through respawn so the bruise was still
there and the Texan refused to let Klus heal it so there was little
to be done about the injury.

snapped out of his fanboying, choosing to go red in the face as that
information was pointed out. The boy had been so excited about
getting an new teammate that he hadn't read the letter all the way.
“Uhh....Right.” Looking the letter over quickly, he
sputtered. “Tomarra' Mornin'?! Geeze!”

didne geeve os much time.” Trent spat to himself as he took a
long drink of his alcohol. Pyro, hearing all this, turned to Klus.
“Whaaa mhhhh uhh hhhhenghh hmoumh hmis?” Of course, Klus
had no idea what the Pyro  said so he just shrugged, not being able
to look at the fire maniac without laughing. The sight of Pyro
wearing an assassin hood with google eyes underneath would make
almost anyone crack up. Which is why the man wore it. But the medic
could only guess that.

rest of the meal was uneventful aside from talk about the new heavy
and what he'd look like. When it all came down to it, everyone except
Klus and Spy figured he must be some sort of barbarian with one eye
and scars all over. Groaning, Klus rubbed his shoulder where another
nerve was pinched as he dragged his feet to the infirmary. When he
got there, the room was a mess and the obvious culprit sat there on
his desk, licking her paws. A heavy frown covered his face as he
stepped to the desk where Mask sat, paying him no attention. “Mask.”
He began, looking around. There was broken glass all over with
medicine, liquid or capsule. The surgery bed was knocked on it's side
and once clean sheets and blankets he had stored away were laying all
over the place, some in the liquid and others covered in mud and
dust, leaving little cat paw prints all over the white fabrics. Jars
and scattered papers were spread across the floor, along with pencils
and other writing instruments as well as his surgery tools in which
he would have to sterilize it all again.

Look what you've done!” He shouted to the feline who gave no
notice to his anger. Instead, she chose to roll onto her back. “This
will take me a whole day to clean and fix up! Not to mention another
five hours to sterilize everything! And the call for more medicine!”
He groaned, sitting in his desk chair, hiding his face in his hands.
Letting out a loud sigh, he felt a small weight on his lap. Removing
his hands, he spotted Mask sitting in his lap expecting as she gazed
up at him with innocent eyes. Meowing, she laid down and curled up in
a perfect ball, head held up as she looked at her handiwork. Klus
sniffed as he pet her, hearing her give a soft noise of surprise
before resulting into purring. “You spoiled thing.” He
mumbled to her, rubbing behind her ears.

never leaving you alone in here again.” He stated bitterly,
looking at the clock. 11:38 pm. Deciding to clean all this up when he
wasn't so tired, he carried to Mask to his room. After feeding her,
he got dressed for bed and fell onto the soft mattress of his bed and
snuggled into the covers, all the while, his thoughts rested on


there was one thing Klus hated more than fighting, it was cleaning up
the mess his cat had made in his infirmary. He had even woken up
early to start. Now here he was, still cleaning the room at five pm,
scrubbing the floor to keep the spilled medicine from staining. His
knees protested from his position on the floor as well as his hands
who held the wooden scrub brush. Dipping it into his soapy bucket, he
continued to scrub as his back ached. “You are Docktor, Da?”
Jumping at the sudden feminine voice, he craned his neck to look
behind him and to the doorway. Not being able to see the speaker, he
answered. “Ja. Who are you?”

was a pause. “I am Vasha. The new heavy. I was told I would
find you here.” Setting the brush down, he sat up and cracked
his back, figuring the short break was deserved. “Ja.” He
moaned as his hand went to his back as it popped again and he
grimaced. “I'd say it was nice to see you but I am afraid I can
not actually see you.” He quipped with a smirk as he stood.
There was a quiet chuckle. “Da. You are right.” When the
speaker stepped into the room all the way, Klus wished he had stayed
on the floor. The new heavy was a woman. Not that there was anything
wrong with that but he never expected that a woman would have a name
like 'Vasha.'

couldn't stop laughing at the mental image of he appearing in from of
his team. Unfortunately this sent the wrong message as Vasha looked
at him with an offended expression. “You laugh because I am a
woman?!” Instantly, Klus stopped his laughter to wipe a stray
tear from his eye. “Nein, Nein. My friend. I was laughing at a
thought I had with the rest of the team.” He corrected,
watching her reluctantly began to calm down. Watching him with
suspicious eyes. “They did seemed surprised.” Vasha
stated more to herself as she remembered their shocked reactions when
she announced herself.

medic could not keep the smirk from his face. “Ja, I can
imagine. They all thought you were some sort of barbarian. I on the
otherhand, had been to busy dealing with this.” He waved his
hand around the room to show her what he meant. As she scanned the
room with curious eyes, Klus took the time to inspect her. She was
clearly built like a heavy. Tall and big; not in a fat way but more
in a muscular way. Other than her slight curves and breasts, she
could be mistaken for a man from a distance, despite her obvious
womanly figure up close. Brown hair littered her head; tied in a
ponytail but a small patch fell in front of her face like a bang.
Vasha did have a scar on her cheek which was barely noticeable. Where
as others might have thought her too manly to be pretty, Klus thought
she was the most beautiful woman on earth. As he thought this, his
mind somehow wondered to Misha and the memory of being pressed
against his large body. Suddenly, he missed the red heavy and
wondered if there was a chance he could sneak away to see his lover.

is a very big mess.” Vasha's voice rang out, snapping Klus'
mind back to his current situation. Frowning, he walked back to the
bucket and bent down, wanted to get his mind off his lover and onto
his work. “Ja. My cat did this. I normally don't let her in
here but I wasn't having the best day yesterday.” He stated and
went back to scrubbing. “Sorry for not being much of a
conversationalist but I need to get this done if I want to enjoy
myself.” He apologized, not seeing her frown and continue
looking around the room. Finally, after a while, he heard the
trashcan being lifted and Vasha's large hands picking up scattered
broken bottles that were used for spares.

will help you.” She said and continued. “The work will
get done quicker.” She smiled at him as she beant to retrieve
another bottle. Smiling back, he continued to scrub. After a while of
cleaning, with only the sounds of the brush and items being thrown
away, a question kept nagging him in the back of his mine. “Tell
me,” He began, smirking. “How did the Scout react to
you?” He heard Vasha laugh. “The little man? He got mad
and accused me of faking my name to get the job.” Klus laughed
with her, knowing how brash the boy can be. “So I pinch his
cheek and tell him how cute his behavior was. Was hoping he would get
mad.” She hummed. “His face just turned red.”

“Looks like our Scout has a crush.”
he thought to himself.


And chapter 12. New heavy and some fighting in there. The name Vasha
is a unisex name in Russian so it can be for both boys and girls. The
mere sound of it leads people to assume it's only for men so, time to
pull a  twist. I hope you all like it.

It started with some fries (chapter 12)


ok, PDF is no longer working with me so here's this. I hope you will all still read it.

(Blue Medic/Red Heavy) It all started at a bar. When he offered me a fry, I found myself opening up to him. Never before had I felt so comfortable with another human being since my bitch of a wife left with the kids. Not even my own team can get close to me. Yet, the enemy Heavy had somehow found his way through my shields. What does this mean?)

There will be more!



Rougazen's Profile Picture
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United States
I love to write. I am not very good at drawing but I'm pretty good with stories. People find me funny and I'm a very happy person most of the time.
For anyone interested, I am on Ao3 now and have written a few stories. That can be found there.

The newest and the best story I have written thus far is here:…

and I will put the Summary below:

"Heavy," that was what he called me. That was the word he had learned from his time watching the television.

"Heavy." oh how he hated to hear the Inservire mewl this word in his ear as the giant rubbed his back so tenderly. It was wrong. It was Immoral. It went against everything he knew. But it had felt so good. Unfortunately for him, society deemed it no better than sleeping with a dog.

In a world where life was simple, gay relationships are highly accepted and crime is low, life could not be easier for anyone living in this simple town where gossip is all around. But each town has a dark secret. Although much is tolerated in the town of LunaWood, those unfortunate enough to be born a Inservire, a submissive, is cast out and left to die. Misha is a very well respected man in this small town until he crosses paths with a Inservire one night after a party. Feeling pity, he dares to take the creature home, the same creature that is forbidden to even have any sort of contact with. Growing emotionally closer to the Submissive, Misha is soon pulled into a world of prejudice, politics and lies. As he fears for himself and his lover, he wonders how he will make it out alive.

It's only on it's third chapter so a bit of support would help me. Here is the story and feel free to tell people about this and me. Thank you.
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