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About Literature / Artist Member Rougazen, Obviously.20/United States Group :iconlike-father-like-son: Like-Father-Like-Son
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Rougazen, Obviously.
Artist | Literature
United States
I love to write. I am not very good at drawing but I'm pretty good with stories. People find me funny and I'm a very happy person most of the time.
Tagged by :iconkittyninja1212:
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Ten Things About Me:
1. I love Team Fortress 2 
2. I always want fanart for my stories but I never get them. Well, only one for a Hetalia one but that was a long time ago.
3. I love the German language and Love hearing their accents. (So cute!!!) <3
4. I love cats. I like dogs but I lean more to cats than anything
5. I'm a loner and have few friends
6. Total tomboy girl gamer here. And a spazz.
7. Have two brothers
8.  I have a German last name but I am American. (Basically, I'm part German among other things)
9. I can't draw but I'm good at writing
10. Humor comes easily to me so don't be surprised if I laugh at the most random things at the most random times.

 :iconkaykaytwilie: 's Questions For Me:

1. Hi! Sorry I tagged you! PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!
Honestly, I'm just confused. Lol Am I doing this right?

2. Alright so what'cha doin'? (besides this LOL)
Writing a TF2 story request. I need to add another Chapter to my other story. ;-;

3. Which OC of yours is your favorite? (if you don't have an OC, would you ever make one?)
my TF2 Medic, Klus. He's so cute. <3

4. Do you have any pets in real life?
A cat named Torch

5. Do ya have a Snapchat? (please note me if you do. I'm BORED!)

6. What are you scared of?

7. I come running at you. What do you do?

8. Weirdest thing someone has said to you?
Ummm........I really can't remember. Normally I'm the one who said weird things.

9. In one word, describe me. (this should be interesting)

10. Your reaction to this (please watch all of it):  
NOOOOO! I can't stand My Little Pony!!!! The horror! I saw this before!!!

Who I'm Tagging:
1. :iconAlexBlacklight: <---Umm... Not working?
2. :iconKayKayVenom: <-----Also not working? They're spelled correctly I assure you.
3. :iconfawn-cat:
4. :iconlurioasplund:
5. :iconriyuyami:
6. :iconsergeantsprinklez56:
7. :iconpokemonskycatty:
8. :iconxxroxasandkeyxx:
9. :iconblu-butter-fly:
10. :iconihateapplepie:

My Questions to those I have Tagged:

1. AH! I'm sorry that I tagged you! I panicked!

2. Do you play TF2? If so, what is your favorite class?

3.You see a $10 on the ground. What do you do?

4. What do you think about me?

5. What's your way to relieve boredom?

6. Are you better at Art or Writing?

7. What is your favorite movie?

8. Do you like waffles? :3

9. You suddenly turn invisible, what do you do?

10. Honestly, how do you feel about me right now? XD
  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: music
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Drinking: coffee

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