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Tumblr: Ask the blonde Engineer by Rougazen
Tumblr: Ask the blonde Engineer
My "Ask the Blonde Engineer" blog is up for anyone who wants to try it out. The Link is here:

If there is something messed up, please let me know so I can try to fix it. Thank you.

Klus hadn't intended for the Scout to find out about his arm.
He honestly had only planned for Dell to see his red counterpart's
handiwork. The mechanical limb fascinated the American as he
inspected it while having the medic turn it for him when the boy had
barged in the medical ward for some pain medication for his minor
headache. the medic could remember clear as day, the horrified look
on the youngest member of the team's face. Eventually, he had gotten
over his internal shock to join the Engineer in examining it, poking
the cold as he did so.

"So how does it work?" The boy questioned from his
spot on the desk as he jabbed Klus's shoulder with his index finger.
Flinching at the sudden sharp pain the action made on that side of
his body. "I mean, it is fake, right?" Klus glared at the
boy but said nothing; choosing to ignore Scout to the best of his
ability. Dell snorted in good humor. "Yeah, it's fake." The
Texan confirmed, twisting the limb gently. "I suspect it's
connected to the nerves in his arms that send signals to his arm."

The boy blinked. "So his bones move at will?"

"Not necessarily." Piped in Klus, frowning in
disinterest. "The bone itself does not move. There are things in
your body where your joints are located, called ligaments." As
he spoke, he twisted the limb in an odd angle. "They stretch and
relax when you move your arm, tensing as you bend your body. The
nerves send signals through the body and to the brain. They are also
how you feel pain. Like incisions and such." as soon as he said
that, Scout poked his shoulder where skin met metal. With a wince, he
sneered at the boy. "Very much like the kind I will give you if
you do not stop poking me." The threat rang clears as the youth
raised his hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay! Geeze man. No need to go all psycho on me."

Dell laughed, looking at the scout. "Trust me boy."
He began. "If you saw him mad, 'psycho' wouldn't cover it."

"You probably should be getting over there." Misha
suggested as he tossed Klus the man's coat he had found earlier. the
blue nodded as he finished belting up his pants in time to catch the
coat. Throwing it on, he hobbled to his boots, feeling the sting in
his ass from their earlier fun. Fun that felt ruined now by the
explosion. It was all unnerving to know that if Mask hadn't of ran
out of the base, making the medic follow her, he would have been in
that mess and with it being cease fire, respawn was shut down for the
day, meaning he would have died, permanently. He made quick work with
putting on his boots, ignoring the pain as he bent down. Standing up
slowly, he noticed that his lover had stood in front of him. Grabbing
hold of the blue medic, Misha proceeded to give a gentle loving kiss
to the smaller man's brow.

"Am sorry this was ruined." The giant apologized,
looking to the ground ashamed. "Had hoped to make this best day
for you." Humming, Klus smiled and placed a kiss to the heavy's
strong jaw. "You did just that, liebe." The medic cooed.
"It was not your fault that this happened." This did little
to sooth his lover but Misha made no show of exposing how he felt.
Instead, the larger man just threw on his own coat that was sitting
neatly on the floor where he had dropped it. "Come," He
began, looking at the blue with tender eyes. "There is back way.
You're team needs you."


The trip there sapped his energy as he hobbled as quickly as he
could to his team, who had started to head back in search of their
medic. Della and Vasha looking more worried than anyone else while
Trent ran through the rubble of the once medical ward, calling out
for Klus as he lifted up chunks of concrete. His chest began to seize
up from the cold as his breaths came out as soft puffs. It wasn't
until he was at the edge of the blue territory did they spot him yet
only three ran to him. Trent, Vasha, and Dell. Of course Scout ran to
him as well but the boy was only truly following the female heavy who
had scooped the medic in her arms and lifting him high off the
grounds and grumbled words to him, along the lines of "How can I
learn medicine if you die?!" in which Klus took as a sign that
she had been panicking. Shortly after he was set down did two arms
wrap around his waist from behind and lift him up in another hug,
this time from the demoman.

He couldn't, for the life of him, make out anything the Scotsman
said as Trent blabbered in his drunken language in which only he
could decipher. Dell was the last to come up to him, choosing to
scold him yet praising him for getting out before the place "blew
to sky high" as the blonde put it. The rest had gone off,
relieved that their healer was alive, scanning the rubble. Despite
the pain, the medic found himself stepping through the rubble that he
once called home, resting his hand on a partially standing up wall
when he lost his balance, only to pull away to find a powdery
substance on his hand. He could only stare at it in confusion as
Vasha stepped up to him and grabbed his wrist in her large hand.

"What is it?" He asked, looking up at the heavy as she
rubbed some of the powder in her fingers that she had taken from his
hand. "Sulfate and gunpowder." She supplied. "Necessary
things for a bomb." She looked at what was left of the wall that
the powder had come from. "Where was this wall located?"

He blinked, confused by her question. "My bedroom." He
answered. "Why?"

The hard look the woman had adopted on her face was as cold as
stone as she stared down at the healer. "Was anyone else in
here?" Vasha asked, not looking away from the man before her,
fingers frozen where they stopped. By this time, Trent, Scout, and
Dell had caught wind of this conversation as they began to crowed
around the two, listening in intensely. He crossed his arms, thinking
back to earlier.

"Only Dell." He responded, shifting his weight to his
other foot. "He was installing a camera that I had requested a
month ago." The reaction was instant as Trent spun on his heels,
grabbing the front of Dell's coat and raising a fist, intending to
punch him. The engineer, on the other hand, had gone pale as the snow
that surrounded them, holding his hands in front of his face. "Ya
bloody, bastard!" Bellowed the demoman, giving the Texan the
nastiest look he could whilst drunk. "Ya tried ta keel medik!!"

"No, no!" The smaller man cried, waving his hands and
shaking his head negitavely frantically. "I didn't do it!
Honest! The man's my friend! I wouldn't do that!" As this went
on, Scout watched the scene, looking at the engineer with a smirk
covering his features. "Geeze, hardhat. I know the doc's a bit
looney but there's no reason ta off him." He chortled, loosing
the humor as he gained a glare from the heavy.

"I didn't do it!" Dell pleaded, close to sobbing.
"Please believe me!"

There was a scoff from Trent. "'Ow can anyehone believe yeh
if ya pull a stunt like this?!" And he was just about to
introduce Dell's face to his fist when Klus grabbed a hold of the
demoman's arm, making the man look at him puzzled and Dell, relieved.
"Trent, stop." Comanded the medic. "I doubt Dell would
have the heart to do this. And as he said, he's my friend. I'd trust
him with my life." The demoman let Dell go, but not without a
glare in warning. Shivering, the America hid behind the medic.

There was a grumble as Scout joined the three with one arm
scratching irritatedly on the back of his neck. "Which ya almost
lost, doc." The youth pointed out before crossing his arms,
scowling. "If Hardhat here's didn't do it then who did? Santa?"

"This was made for a small explosion." Vasha chimed in,
making all four men standing there to turn and look at her in sync.
While they had been busy with their scuffle, she had wondered around
where the rest of the wall had been prier to the explosion and held
up what looked to be a small broken box. She held it in her hands,
turning it front to back, side to side. There was a sputter from
someone behind Klus. "You call that a small explosion?! My room
is the closest one to Medic's and that thing almost took it out!"
of course it would be the Scout to complain. Vasha just stared at
them blandly.

"See here?" She asked, pointing to the burnt and broken
chunk that looked as if something forced it's way outside from the
metal from the inside. "Is poorly made. Had been made correctly,
entire base would be just like the medical ward." The silence
that hung over them felt heavy. Each unable to move as their thoughts
took them. This was a problem, that was for sure.

"So it wasn't just me they tried to kill." The words
escaped his lips before he could stop them, finding that his
shivering kept his mind off of the pain he felt. "So..."
Trent's deep voice was wavering slightly. "Who deed it?"

"Vlad?" Klus questioned fearfully to the demo. As much
as he hated the thought of the man, Vlad was still at large and very
able to sneak in when someone wasn't watching. Engineer scoffed, no
longer cowering behind the medic. "Vlad's dangerous alright, but
the man couldn't put a cake recipe together, let alone a bomb."
He then proceeded to pace, arms crossed with one hand to his chin in
thought. "They were able to get in and out of the base. Possibly
from the rafters under the floor where the water heater would be.
Problem is, only I have the key, which I had lost. I had meant to get
another one." the man stopped his pacing with a frown. "Damn
it!" He cursed.

"Well, where'd ya lose it? Ya think that someone picked it
up?" Scout questioned, resting his hands on the sides of his
waist as he normally did when uneasy. The question caught Klus off
guard. Considering the boy was normally rash, this question was awful
calm and concerned. "Well." The Texan began, taking his
helmet off to scratch the hair on his scalp. "Let's see. I had
just finished fixing the heater last night, what with it being busted
when we arrived. When I went to put the key in my breast pocket, not
knowin' there was a hole in it. It must have fell out when I was
ambling through the hallway from the showers to the ammo room."

"Tha' is in the middle of the base, lad." Trent pointed
out, completely baffled at this. Dell nodded slowly to the man,
shoving his hands in his pockets. "Yeah."

"That means..." Vasha paused, looking around cautiously.

"That it was an inside job." Klus finished, biting his

It Started With Some Fries (chapter 15)
Next: (not made)

Previous: It Started With Some Fries (chapter 14)

ok, PDF is no longer working with me so here's this. I hope you will all still read it.

(Blue Medic/Red Heavy) It all started at a bar. When he offered me a fry, I found myself opening up to him. Never before had I felt so comfortable with another human being since my bitch of a wife left with the kids. Not even my own team can get close to me. Yet, the enemy Heavy had somehow found his way through my shields. What does this mean?)

There will be more!

TF2:Whisper a little louder Cover Soldier/Engineer by Rougazen
TF2:Whisper a little louder Cover Soldier/Engineer
Don't worry, I still plan on finishing my other TF2 stories. This is an old, already written one that got a little popular at an alarming rate on Ao3. So I wanted to see how well it fares on Diviantart which currently seems dead. Oh well.

This story features Soldier who had lost his hearing prier to the beginning of the story. This is also a yaoi between Soldier and Engineer. Because he thinks of this as a weakness, he tries to keep his disability from everyone except the Medic who already knew and is trying to teach the man sign language in which, the Soldier refuses. Read the story if you're interested.

I don't own TF2.

A/N: I got a lot of stories to update
and my mind is blank. Oh noes! :(

Chapter 2

One thing Soldier
was delighted of was the fact that he couldn't hear or be distracted
by the blasts from the Blue soldier. The downside was, he was
vulnerable with not being able to hear where the destruction was
coming from and was often killed, being forced to respawn in shame.
He even became a favorite target for the blue spy when Soldier wasn't
paying attention. Rocket jumping; he flew high as wind blew passed
his head.

Glancing around,
he braced himself for impact on the enemy base's roof. Grunting as he
landed with pain searing up his leg. Soldier could only snarl as he
blasted at the Blue Heavy as she rounded the corner from where the
respawn was located with her minigun loaded and barrel rolling. He
only had to hold them off until the Red Scout could get in and out.

But being deaf, he
could not hear the team's war cries and shouts. Nor could he hear
their weapons if they made noise, like the Heavy's minigun. Turning
the corner, he came face to face with a rocket by the enemy Soldier,
and that was the last he knew before waking up in respawn along with
the Red Scout who looked unusually exhausted for once. Their resent
loss before this was causing a lot of exhaustion and everyone
couldn't wait until the end of battle for a break.

Scout turned and
shouted something that he couldn't hear before running off back to
the battle field. Sighing, he rubbed his face in his hands. A red
gloved hand grabbed onto his shoulder. Jumping at the sudden contact,
Soldier turned to the owner of the hand and spotted Medic.

can't keep this up.”
Medic signed, pointing to his ear.
“They're going to
find out with how much you've respawned. Let me teach you sign
language. You are not weak for learning.”

Grumbling, he threw off the hand and faced the medic with his fist in
the air. “Negative! I will not be resorted to that!”
Storming to the far end of the corner where his rocket launcher had
spawned after him, he yanked it to his shoulder and stomped out of
the respawn room in a huff, grumbling to himself.

He didn't need to learn it. He was sure of that. He had gone this
long without it and he would continue on not knowing. Running out of
the base, he was instantly hit face first with a baseball, causing
his helmet to swirl on his head and stop lopsided, reveling his left
eye to the world, wide and alert. Gripping his head in pain of the
hit, his visible eye landed on the blue Scout that was laughing as he
pointed at Jane.

Growling, Soldier pulled out his shotgun and took aim.

Soaring through the sky, he scanned the battlefield. So far, the blue
heavy and the blue medic were outside their base, trying to block the
base opening. The heavy was a burly woman who was built for her
class. She stood right in the line of fire with hungry eyes and a
nasty grin on her face as she shot anyone who got too close while the
medic, who's long black hair was messy and tangled, stood behind the
woman, keeping his head down as he scanned around before suddenly
swinging his right arm behind him, killing the red spy.

As Soldier landed on a rusting water tower that sat on the field, he
reached up instinctively to rub his jaw, keeping an eye on the blue
medic's metal right arm. It felt like it was yesterday that the blue
medic had shattered his jaw with that arm. But that had been months
ago, back before the red team had a different medic who was killed
when respawn broke down. When Wolff died, Soldier was forced to trust
the recent medic they had acquired.

Bringing his rocket launcher up, he took aim at the blue medic and
fired. The poor man never had a chance as the rocket hit him dead on
and he splattered into a million pieces. The heavy, momentarily
detracted by her medic's death, turned and called out to him in
horror, leaving the red spy, who had respawned, to take her down with
a knife in her back.

With both the blue heavy and medic gone, Their scout ran by in a red
blur into the building, making no haste in going after their goal,
the intelligence. As the spy vanished, aiming to go in afterward in
case there were sentries, Soldier rocketed down to the bits and
pieces that once were the blue medic and heavy. The sound of his
boots landing on the cold concrete echoed but were quickly quieted
down by nearby fighting involving a Demoman and a Pyro.

Scanning the remains as he walked around, he found his objective and
picked up the metal arm of the deceased medic. Holding it in his
hands, he tore the left over cloth and scanned over the metal. It was
shiny and almost flawless as he flipped it over and turned it. It
wasn't hard to guess who's work this was. An Engineer, but more
importantly, the red Engineer. Jane would recognize the handiwork

Growling angrily, he gripped the joint of the arm, ignoring the gore
and bone still attached to his as he  stormed off to finish the
fight. Tossing the arm behind him, he held his rocket launder high,
hearing the hiss of the arm disappearing as the blue medic began to
respawn. The talk with the engineer would have to wait. Turning the
corner, he just managed to shoot a rocket at the blue Demoman before
he got stabbed in the back and once again respawned in the base.


He could never remember scowling this hard before since he found he
was deaf. Standing in front of Dell, he could feel his temper rising
as the Engineer went on with fixing the toaster that the scout had
broken by throwing it out of the window. With his hands behind his
back, he clinched his fist and held his wrist with his other hand.

What proof did he have that he could throw at his lover? The only
proof he had respawned with the blue medic so there wasn't anything
he could really present to accuse the engineer of. So he settled with
standing there in the room, not saying a word as Dell went on with
his work, not realizing that Soldier stood just a few feet away.

Or at least, not until the mechanic turned to get off his chair and
looked up, jumping when he spotted Jane standing there silently. Jane
had long tossed his uniform jacket in his room carelessly, choosing
to remain in a white t-shirt, his dark brown pants, boots and helmet.

From under his helmet, he watched Dell as the man sighed and laugh in
relief at the sudden start.

“You scared me there, Soldier.” Dell exclaimed slowly
with another laugh as he set the toaster down on  his work bench and
stood, removing his own helmet to rub his bald head. After a while of
trying to get his heart rate lowered, the Texan frowned, noting
Soldier's sour expression.

“What's wrong, Jane?” The smaller man asked, walking up
to the Soldier and resting his gloved hand on the Soldier's shoulder.
For once, Jane had no answer to his lover. He felt too disgusted at
the thought of Dell going traitor that he couldn't speak a word
without them sounding bitter and leaving a metallic taste in his
mouth. Instead, he resorted to grunting before shrugging the
concerned hand away, to leave the room. Not seeing the hurt and
confused expression on Dell's face.

Teeth bared, Soldier stomped through the hallway, mentally cursing
himself as he passed by the kitchen, Scout passing him to go in the
room. Roaring out loud and ignoring Scout jumping at the loud noise
Jane had uttered, Soldier changed direction and went into the
kitchen, shoving the boy out of the way who, if Soldier guessed
right, gave a squawk at being thrown into the counter.

The fridge was just as nasty as he remembered. The last one to have
cleaned it was Wolff but since his death, no one felt up to cleaning
it. The loss of their previous medic was a hard hit on the team and
getting the new medic was like salting a wound. It took the red Heavy
forever just to even say hello to the German.

He was almost to the fridge when his shoulder was grabbed and he was
spun weakly to face the Scout he had shoved, struggling to read the
boy's lips as he yelled. “Are you deaf or somethin?! I asked
what yer problem was!”

Jane felt his heart stop. He swear he did. Just as he felt blood
drain from his face. But he refused to show it. He grabbed the front
of the boy's shirt and lifted Scout off his feet (Which was hard to
do with how tall the boy was).

Scout, at this point, was struggling to get free, hiding his panic
under his false bravado as he shouted at Soldier, who didn't bother
to read his lips. Jane had no words for the anger he was holding. So
he said nothing. Instead, he screamed in the younger man's face. He
yelled and hollered for what it was worth. But that didn't matter.

It was another cruel reminder that he couldn't even hear his own

TF2: S/E: Whisper Just a Little Louder (chapter 2)
This story had gotten increasingly popular on my Ao3 and so I decided to see how this old story will fare on Deviantart. Enjoy.

Summary: Soldier didn't want to admit it to anyone, especially himself. He didn't want anyone to know that he was deaf. But it's very hard to keep a secret when you're surrounded by a bunch of other guys who have nothing better to do than nose into your business. Jane Doe just hoped that no one would notice.

Chapter 1: TF2: S/E: Whisper Just a Little Louder (chapter 1)
Chapter 2: (You are here)
Chapter 3:


Rougazen's Profile Picture
Rougazen, Obviously.
Artist | Literature
United States
I love to write. I am not very good at drawing but I'm pretty good with stories. People find me funny and I'm a very happy person most of the time.
For anyone interested, I am on Ao3 now and have written a few stories. That can be found there.

The newest and the best story I have written thus far is here:…

and I will put the Summary below:

"Heavy," that was what he called me. That was the word he had learned from his time watching the television.

"Heavy." oh how he hated to hear the Inservire mewl this word in his ear as the giant rubbed his back so tenderly. It was wrong. It was Immoral. It went against everything he knew. But it had felt so good. Unfortunately for him, society deemed it no better than sleeping with a dog.

In a world where life was simple, gay relationships are highly accepted and crime is low, life could not be easier for anyone living in this simple town where gossip is all around. But each town has a dark secret. Although much is tolerated in the town of LunaWood, those unfortunate enough to be born a Inservire, a submissive, is cast out and left to die. Misha is a very well respected man in this small town until he crosses paths with a Inservire one night after a party. Feeling pity, he dares to take the creature home, the same creature that is forbidden to even have any sort of contact with. Growing emotionally closer to the Submissive, Misha is soon pulled into a world of prejudice, politics and lies. As he fears for himself and his lover, he wonders how he will make it out alive.

It's only on it's third chapter so a bit of support would help me. Here is the story and feel free to tell people about this and me. Thank you.
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